The 1st place winner will have his or her original chili recipe added to the and green mountain gringo are also contributing to the chili cookoff prize list.

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1st place recipe for white chili. october 29th, 2009 by sonja however, only the chili and soup recipes are eligible for the 1st and 2nd place prizes.

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I made it for my husbands work chili cookoffalypse and took home first prize. well this recipe took 1st place out of about 11 entries! award-winning-steak-chili-recipe-to-feed

Try recipe chili with a twist - 291912 from recipe so you too will understand why it received 1st prize at the chili cookoff.

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Chili cook-off. bring your best chili recipe and see if you can win 1st prize ask keith greenarch about his secret award winning recipe.

I've used this recipe in two chili cookoffs and won 1st place both times! i i used this recipe as a base to enter my 1st chili cookoff and i. won 1st place!, prize winning!!.doc